Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"Tonight, The Jazz Spot is Alive"

"Every couple on the dance floor is moving like they've got magnets in their bones, and have been waiting for weeks to swing the room.

Electric trumpets, are a chorus of canon fire but the only battlefield is the one inside our chest,

Those crimson war drums, freestyling, beatboxing, a remix renaissance into our microphone spines.. there is beauty here..."


I recently came across Sartorial Sounds take on Andre 3000's track "Take Off Your Cool". This will have you pressing repeat as soon as the track reaches 6:00...

 A beautiful amalgamation of style and music, a fusion of spoken word, rap, singing and even tap dancing...This is creativity at its best.

Every word is spoken/rapped/sang with such passion and personality that you cant help but feel the character of the each individual involved.

This video provides us with a glimpse of what went on while the artists came together to record the track.

I could continue writing about this, but it wouldnt do it justice...



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